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Zhejiang JinZI Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd. is located in the high-tech Industrial park of Tiantai County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. Founded in 1990, the registered capital is 75 million yuan and the total number of employees is more than 500 people. The company specializes in rail transit equipment parts research and development, production, sales and maintenance services. Existing brake series products, kitchen and bathroom series products, seat armrest series products, aviation and aircraft water supply system and other four leading products; Covering high-speed trains, urban rail subways, “ One Belt, One Road; And overhaul the four major market segments; In the country with east, south, west, north, middle five regional market divisions.

Company has been identified as national specialization, the new "little giant" enterprises, national high and new technology enterprise, the zhejiang province high and new technology research and development center in zhejiang province, zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise, star enterprise management, executive director of the association of rail transportation in zhejiang province, taizhou city rail transit association legal person units, the product listed in "zhejiang manufacturing high-quality goods", Won "Zhejiang Famous brand products" and other titles. Through ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, ISO/TS22163 international railway industry standard system, EN15085 international welding system, standardized good behavior AAA, measurement management system AA and other management system certification, The intellectual property management system has been established according to GB/T29490 requirements.

The company is a major supplier of rail transit industry. It has established long-term direct or indirect cooperative relations with 18 railway bureaus, more than 50 metro companies and 28 main engine factories in China. Its products meet the requirements of high-speed rail, EMU, urban rail subway, "One Belt and One Road", overhaul and transformation and other vehicles, and the quality of use is safe and reliable.

Strong R & D team, leading technology. The company attaches great importance to technological innovation and has a team with high quality research and development ability. And with Zhejiang University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other universities and institutions to establish a strategic cooperative relationship. The company pays attention to technological innovation and participates in the formulation of the national standard "Low-pressure stainless steel threaded pipe fittings". It has won 2 national key innovation fund projects, 3 first products (sets) in the key field of Zhejiang equipment manufacturing industry, passed more than 20 provincial new product identification, and has 5 invention patents and 52 utility model patents.

Company to "innovation, quality, integrity cast the golden brand, green, safety, humanities, let the attention to the satisfaction of the party" for the management policy and goal, forge ahead, never stop.



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The company mainly produces railway train brake control series of products, train hutch defends series products, train interior series products and aerospace products, for the Chinese car in each production vehicle company, the railway car depot, the subway and aircraft factory, some products are exported to the United States, France, Britain, India, Russia, Canada and other countries and regions.


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